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The Golden Gavel Classic is a chance for students
to hone their mock trial skills as they prepare to become champions.

The Inaugural Golden Gavel Classic will take place October 7-8, 2023

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The Golden Gavel Classic is a nationwide mock trial competition with premier judging.

And while a team will walk away at the end of the weekend with their very own Golden Gavel—declaring a champion isn’t really our goal. From the way we draft our case problem, to the way we pair our rounds, to the reduced cost of attendance, the Golden Gavel classic is designed specifically to facilitate competitor growth.

We want to bring people together to become the best.

The Champion's Portal includes the Golden Gavel Classic Case File, all upcoming deadlines, and the Golden Gavel Classic Rules and Procedures. 

Access to the Portal is provided to teams post-registration.

Tournament Format

Competition Dates

Registration & Costs


2023: Stern v. Macalester

On the evening of December 24, 2019, Christmas Eve, 15-year-old Mac Macalester is home alone. That very same night, the plaintiff, Jo Stern, and an accomplice, Jim “Pesky” Pacetti, decide to break into the Macalester house. They are greeted with no mercy. Instead of an empty house, Stern and Pacetti face an army of booby traps. Mac Macalester has placed ice on the stairs, pull-triggers and trick wires inside the front door, broken glass in buckets on the ceiling that are primed to fall on the heads of anyone who walks in the door, and more.

Jo Stern is now out of prison for attempted robbery on parole - but Stern is riddled with severe injuries as a result of Macalester's traps. Stern is suing Mac Macalester through Macalester's legal representatives, his parents, for battery. Trial will take place on October 7-8, 2023.

Competition Timeline

May 18th

Team registration opens.

Aug. 25th

2023 case released.

Sept. 10th

Sept. 24th

Team registration closed.

Team rosters and forms due.

Oct. 7th and 8th


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